Student Life

At Florida Prep, our day isn't over when the last bell rings. We have an abundance of after-school clubs and activities every day, athletic team practices, intramural sports, residential programming, nightly study hall and academic tutoring which for some students means their day may not end until bedtime! 

While you will find activities happening on campus in the evening hours for our boarding students, Florida Prep also has a large day student population. Our day students come from the communities surrounding Melbourne and add to our diverse student population. Many times our boarding students will even spend the weekends or holidays at the homes of our day students as they become very close while at Florida Prep. Day students are welcomed and encouraged to participate in all aspects of the school, including events hosted by the residential life team.

In 2019 we introduced our House System to our student body. Every student is sorted into one of four houses and will stay in that house from their first day of school until they graduate from Florida Prep. Each house contains students from a variety of backgrounds and every grade level. 

We have students join our Falcon Family from all over the world bringing with them their own unique life experiences and cultures which they share with their peers and the faculty. Each year that diversity is celebrated with an event called International Festival; an event featuring student performances, and a meal with flavors from around the world.