Student Life


At Florida Prep, the day isn't over when the last bell rings. Every day we have an abundance of after-school clubs and activities, athletic team practices, intramural sports, residential programming, nightly study hall, and academic tutoring. For some of our students, this all means that the day does not end until bedtime! 

Although Florida Prep has earned distinction as a leading boarding school in the region, we also boast a large day student population from communities in proximity to our campus in Melbourne. Local families complement the diversity of the student body and enrich the life of the Academy. It has often been the case that some of our boarders have spent weekends and even extended holiday breaks at the homes of our day students. These are the kinds of close and intimate bonds that can flourish within the dynamic Florida Prep experience. Our day students are truly welcomed and encouraged to integrate themselves into all facets of Academy life, including events organized by Residential staff.

In 2019 we rolled out a House System for our student body. Every single student, including boarders and day students, is sorted into one of the Houses. Students remain affiliated with their assigned house from their first day at the Academy until they graduate from Florida Prep.

We are extremely proud of the uncommon diversity of our student body. Florida Prep boasts a high number of international students (43%) currently representing 22 countries from all over the world. When these students join our Falcon Family, they carry parts of their culture with them through their lived experiences and the perspectives they bring to our campus. As an Academy dedicated to nurturing global citizens, we benefit inestimably from the expansive worldview our international students allow us to foster in our small village community in Melbourne. Every year in the spring we host a distinctive celebration of the extraordinary diversity at Florida Prep with International Week—a series of events featuring student performances, presentations, and a very special banquet meal with dishes of food from all around the world.