Welcome to Florida Prep, where we cultivate global citizens who are integral members of the global community.

At our Academy, we take pride in embracing the holistic development of each student. Our academic team collaborates closely with students and their families to identify the ideal placement within our program. Our collective effort focuses on molding students who excel not only in academics but also embody responsibility, integrity, leadership, and character. We recognize the unique qualities of every student and work together to tailor a personalized plan for success.

Our academic program forms the foundation of our commitment to fostering global citizenship. It is designed in alignment with both state and national standards, reflecting our dedication to setting new benchmarks and nurturing learners who are well-prepared for the future. Our structured learning environment and small class sizes provide students with the optimal conditions to thrive in the classroom, equipping them for the challenges ahead.

At Florida Prep, our overarching objective is to instill a love for learning in our students and inspire them to become lifelong learners, with dreams that extend far beyond the classroom and into the global community.