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Invest In Your Child and So Will Florida Prep

As parents we invest time and effort into our children, overseeing homework, transporting them to activities, and protecting them from harm. We preach that hard-work pays dividends, and that grades count, but sadly, that is not always the case. All too often motivated hard working students pass unnoticed at public schools, or worse are chastised for their work ethic. We often wish we had other options.

The advantages and benefits of a private school education have been well-researched, however, the costs associated with such an education can sometimes seem daunting to the average family and impossible to consider.

Florida Prep is therefore excited to announce significant changes to our tuition fees that are not only designed to help more families enjoy the optimal educational opportunities available at Florida Prep, but also to reward hard work and good grades.

Students enrolling for the 2019-2020 academic year may now apply for a Scholastic Achievement Award; tuition fee credits available to all students, both domestic and international, based upon academic scores, special skills, and interests.

Ranging between $3,000 and $8,000, the awards are set to make a significant impact upon student tuition rates, and may also be bundled with the Florida Step-Up and Hope Scholarship Awards, offered by the State of Florida.

For local day students, the two together can potentially cover your entire tuition payment at Florida Prep!

Full details regarding eligibility and a link to request a registration packet available at:

Scholastic Achievement Award
The deadline for Scholastic Achievement Award applications is April 15, 2019. Awards will be announced May 23, 2019

It’s a big decision transferring your child to a private school but we understand your investment in your child, and we want to be as much a part of your child’s future as you!

To learn more about Florida Prep and meet our students and faculty why not join us during an Open House?

Private tours at Florida Prep are also available by appointment.

Don't let the cost of tuition hold your child back - contact us today!

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Winter Break (Campus Closed)
Winter Break (Campus Closed)
Winter Break (Campus Closed)

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