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Florida Prep offers a dynamic educational experience for students in grades 6-12. Our exceptional college-prep program fosters academic, social, and personal growth. We prioritize open communication and involve parents in every step of their child's journey.

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 An Education Designed To Meet The Needs Of Your Child.

"At Florida Prep, we go beyond a rigorous college prep curriculum. If your child is striving for success, we give them the chance to fast-track their educational path to a level that pushes their abilities."

 Middle School:

 Grades 6 - 8

 high School:

 Grades 9 - 12


 Grades 8 - 12

 one-year american experience:

 Grades 10 - 12



"Amazing school with great culture. The teachers and staff are very informative and inviting.

It's more than just a school, it's a family. We are from Armenia, which is far away from Florida, but I am so happy we found this school."

- Marine Mikayelyan, Parent of Senior Class of 2022 

Key Highlights

Florida Prep News

Robotics Team Concludes Championship Season with Strong Finish

Despite challenges, Florida Preparatory Academy's Chimkens ended their championship season with resilience, securing 12th place overall. Led by Coach Reeder Ward, they demonstrated determination and collaboration, overcoming setbacks with unwavering community support. They aim to build on their experiences for future robotics success.

China Experiential Trip

During the Winter Break, students in advanced Mandarin took part in a life-changing Experiential Learning voyage to China. We are delighted to share a slideshow of their adventures as well as interviews about the journey.

Embracing the Golfer's Lifestyle at Florida Prep

At Florida Prep we feel our location is more than just a backdrop; it's an invitation to fully embrace the golfer's lifestyle. The diverse courses, exclusive access, professional coaching, and ideal weather conditions make Florida Prep a true haven for anyone passionate about golf, or simply looking to learn or improve.


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