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Florida Prep offers a dynamic educational experience for students in grades 6-12. Our exceptional college-prep program fosters academic, social, and personal growth. We prioritize open communication and involve parents in every step of their child's journey.

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 An Education Designed To Meet The Needs Of Your Child.

"At Florida Prep, we go beyond a rigorous college prep curriculum. If your child is striving for success, we give them the chance to fast-track their educational path to a level that pushes their abilities."

 Middle School:

 Grades 6 - 8

 high School:

 Grades 9 - 12


 Grades 8 - 12

 one-year american experience:

 Grades 10 - 12



"Amazing school with great culture. The teachers and staff are very informative and inviting.

It's more than just a school, it's a family. We are from Armenia, which is far away from Florida, but I am so happy we found this school."

- Marine Mikayelyan, Parent of Senior Class of 2022 

Key Highlights

Florida Prep News

Exploring Marine Science Beyond the Classroom: A Journey to Sebastian Inlet

Mrs. Kristin Treat, an advocate for marine and environmental education, annually leads her students on an immersive journey to Sebastian Inlet, where theory meets reality in the realm of marine science. Through hands-on experiences, such as the seining program, students bridge classroom teachings with real-world encounters, deepening their understanding of marine ecosystems.

Students showing off their Shark Tank project topics

Embarking on a journey of entrepreneurial discovery with Ms. Elliott's class at Florida Prep was an exhilarating dive into the realm of innovation and business acumen through the renowned Shark Tank Project. In Ms. Elliott's classroom, students didn't just learn about entrepreneurship—they lived it, breathed it, and ultimately thrived in it.

Students working on art projects for Art Auction

At Florida Preparatory Academy, creativity knows no bounds, especially when it comes to turning "trash into treasure." With the annual International Fest Art Auction just around the corner, students at FPA's art department are delving into the world of upcycling, infusing discarded items with "new life and purpose." Ms. Carter, the guiding force behind this innovative project, shares her insights into the inspiration, process, and impact of the Upcycle Art Project.

Students solving math problem from Exponents & Exponential Functions Escape Room

Mathematics at Florida Preparatory Academy just got a whole lot more thrilling as students in Ms. Carmean’s math classes recently dove into an immersive escape room challenge centered around exponents and exponential functions. The All Things Algebra "Exponents & Exponential Functions Escape," brought together teams of 4-5 students in a race against time to conquer complex math problems and crack secret codes.


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