House System

The Florida Prep House system is designed to foster a healthy yet competitive culture, while promoting the values and skills we believe will encourage a higher level of achievement in our student body. 

The system consists of four Houses: Koch, Stafford, Grissom and Scott, between which our student body is divided. All students are assigned a House and remain a member of that house for their entire time at Florida Prep. The Houses compete for points through academics, athletics and community service. Points may also be accumulated through individual achievement, periodic House Games, and House Cup events. Each House has an adult head-of-house and dedicated student leadership chosen to their roles by the head-of-house. The structure of the House System is designed to rely heavily on student involvement and input. We believe a student driven Campus Life encourages the highest percentage of involvement and creates the most meaningful experiences. 

Florida Prep's House System is designed to foster student involvement in volunteer work, academic competitiveness, community awareness, and promote strong mental and physical health. Through the House System we are able to maintain meaningful  school traditions, while simultaneously creating and make new ones for the students to celebrate in the decades to come. 

Koch House

Orange Koch House Crest

Virtues: Loyalty & Perseverance 

Stafford House

Green Stafford House Crest

Virtues: Perseverance & Self-Discipline 

Scott House

Blue Scott House Crest

Virtues: Versatility & Competitiveness 

Grissom House

Purple Grissom House Crest

Virtues: Ambition & Versatility 

Meet the Heads of Each House!

Steve Cash

Steve Cash

Titles: Director of Curriculum Development, English Teacher, Head of Stafford House
Ricardo Ayala

Ricardo Ayala

Titles: Director of Technology, Computer Science Instructor, Head of Scott House
Micah Fagan

Micah Fagan

Titles: Middle & High School Math Teacher, Assistant Track & Field Coach