House System


The House System is a recent tradition that has taken root at the Academy and contributed to forging some of the most dynamic community engagement in our recent history.

Every single student at Florida Prep—including all our boarders and day students—is sorted into one of four houses: Grissom, Koch, Scott, Stafford. Each of the Houses is named in honor of an American astronaut in a gesture that recognizes our local and historic ties to Brevard County’s Space Coast, the site of NASA.

After sorting, students remain affiliated with their House for the entirety of their duration at Florida Prep. The Houses bring together students from across the Middle and Upper Schools, as well as boarders and day students. Each of the Houses is a microcosm of the international and local diversity at the Academy, and House events afford students the opportunity to meet and engage with others they might not meet in their classrooms or through their activities. The random sortation ensures that the Houses become spaces where students build unexpected and unpredictable bonds.

The Houses compete for points through academics, athletics, and community service and special events, like our Christmas tree decorating contest. Points can also be accumulated through periodic House Games, and during our special, all-day House Cup events. Students may also earn points for their Houses on account of individual achievement in academics, for example, or through exemplary community service. By design the House System fosters a healthy competitive culture, while promoting the values and skills that promote achievement, excellence, and success in our students—leadership, teamwork, communication, and collaboration.

Every single faculty member and Residential Advisor on campus is also assigned to a House. Each House has one adult Sponsor or Head of House who selects the student leadership for the House. Even though the House System integrates Faculty into the community by design, it still relies heavily on student engagement and planning. Our aim is to promote a student-driven Campus Life that encourages a deep level of involvement to foster profound, meaningful experiences and life-long memories for our students. 

The House System is designed to cultivate student involvement in volunteer work, academic competitiveness, community awareness, and promote strong mental and physical health. Through the House System we have established a new and foundational tradition at Florida Prep. In a few years, the Houses have been embraced on our campus and had a profound impact on Student Life. Having witnessed the rooting of the House System, we look forward to the growth of this program and the meaningful impact it will have for the Academy culture into the future. 

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Koch House

Orange Koch House Crest

Virtues: Loyalty & Perseverance 

Stafford House

Green Stafford House Crest

Virtues: Perseverance & Self-Discipline 

Scott House

Blue Scott House Crest

Virtues: Versatility & Competitiveness 

Grissom House

Purple Grissom House Crest

Virtues: Ambition & Versatility