Frequently Asked Questions

What is campus life like after school? On Weekends?

Even though the school day is over, there are still plenty of extra-curricular activities and athletics taking place on- and off-campus. During the week, boarders may partake in after-school clubs, homework help, and other fun events. After dinner, our Residential Deans often coordinate a variety of activities for boarding students, such as smoothie nights, cooking sessions, arts and crafts, video game nights, and much more! Our residential staff may provide transportation for local trips using FPA’s fleet of vans. 

On the weekends, boarding students may participate in events and activities organized by student leaders, such as festivals, sporting events, beach or mall trips, and other fun outings. 

What health services are offered?

The Health and Wellness area of our school offers services managed by a registered nurse with the goal of maintaining a student's attendance in class.  Services include:  health topics that are covered by the nurse in regular class sessions; first aid and illness related services managed by the nurse or a trained designated staff member under the direction of the nurse; medication management and medical services such as appointments, immunizations, follow-through of doctor's orders and preventive initiatives such as pre-concussion assessments.  All services are under the guidance of our Medical Director, Dr. Doug St. Clair. 

What does a Boarding Student Need to Bring?

Dorm rooms are triple occupancy and include desks, dressers, and extra-long twin beds. Students should bring bedding, towels, pillows, clothing, toiletries, school supplies, an electronic device (besides a cellphone), debit card, and decorations for their own space. Cellphones with U.S. plan are highly recommended, especially for communication purposes when students are off-campus. 

Can I bring My car?

Yes, but prior to bringing your car, you must have the Dean of Students’ approval.

How do I get to and from the Airport?

FPA provides round-trip transportation to the Orlando International Airport (MCO) and Melbourne-Orlando Airport (MLB) for every break that campus is closed. Students may request additional transportation on the school website. 

Can I receive mail as a boarding student?

Yes! All mail is received at the Main Office. Students may pick up their mail at 4 PM during the week, and any time throughout the weekend. To have mail sent to you, make sure your name and the school's address are on the item.

What banking services are available?

There is an ATM available for cash withdrawals. If students need to visit the bank, they may ask the residential staff for transportation or they may arrange their own transportation with their parent’s permission, such as Uber or other ride-sharing services.