Boarding Experience

When you decide to board at Florida Prep you are choosing more than a school; you are finding a home away from home. At our Academy, a family focus is a top priority. Our residential students live together in double occupancy rooms with other students from a global variety of backgrounds, cultures, and nationalities, with diverse interests, hobbies, and personalities. The Florida Prep boarding school experience gives our students an uncommon opportunity—unavailable to most U.S. adolescents—to make friends from around the world, and learn about different cultures through personal interactions from the comfort of their classrooms, student lounges, and the dining hall.

Our residential dorms are located in the Hall of Flags, a historic building at the heart of our campus. Boys and girls live in separate halls monitored by our Residential Life Staff. At least two members of our staff are present 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist with all aspects of boarding life. Our dedicated Residential Life Staff regularly take care of student’s essential needs, boiling water for their ramen noodles, shuttling them to shopping venues in Orlando, and even taking them on afternoon coffee runs.

We offer two options for boarding at Florida Prep—either five or seven days. Although they spend the weekends with their families in their own homes, five-day boarders are fully integrated into campus life. Seven-day boarders are full time on-campus residents, who enjoy the complete boarding experience in preparation for their collegiate future. Events are planned every weekend on and off campus; these may include trips to nearby college campuses, Orlando malls, theme parks, and other attractions.

Our Residential Life Team works with our boarding students to develop residential programs for the evenings and weekends. Entertaining events including smoothie night, do-it-yourself craft nights, study hall trivia, chili cook-offs, and even a ramen noodle night ensure students stay occupied and engaged in social and bonding activities. Although these programs are designed principally to amplify the residential experience and enhance boarding life, our day students are always welcome and encouraged to attend these events and immerse themselves in the Academy community.

At Florida Prep students can flourish as their authentic selves and thrive in the pursuit of their genuine interests. We have a great variety of activities, organizations, and opportunities on campus in addition to our numerous clubs—most of which have been started by students. All it takes to start a club at the Academy is a Faculty sponsor! We encourage all of our students to pursue their passions, and also to discover and explore new interests.