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Workshop Transitions Into Water Sustainability Efforts

At Florida Prep, not only do our students learn something new each day, but also our teachers.

Recently, Ms. Treat, leader of the Sustainability Club and Ms. Bonnett, our Environmental Science teacher, attended a seminar organized by the Marine Resources Council to celebrate ‘National Estuary Day’ and to hear an overview by the Indian River National Estuary Program Executive Director, Duane De Freese, on the health status of the lagoon and ongoing restoration efforts.

During the event, they also joined a Rain Barrel workshop; learning how to create their own rain collection device for landscape irrigation and to prevent runoff.

After some in-school decoration by members of the Sustainability Club, the 55-gallon, food-grade barrel is now proudly displayed in the Florida Prep garden where it will form part of an irrigation system on the nearly one-acre site.

Speaking on the acquisition, Chef Eric, Florida Prep Gardener in Chief outlined plans to attach the barrel via a gutter system to the baseball dugout area that adjoins the garden, simultaneously providing an additional source of water for the summer months and preventing run-off into the baseball diamond during the winter. 


Sustainability Club Donates Rain Barrel to Garden
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