Why You Should Consider A Shadow Day

You’ve completed an application, spoken to an Admissions Counselor, and possibly attended an Open House. Your student is now invited to a Shadow Day. What does that entail and why should you accept?

A shadow day is an opportunity for a student to spend a day at Florida Prep alongside another student, typically in the same grade, and with similar academic interests. The experience provides a more immersive and personalized look into the Florida Prep community and can be beneficial in several ways, including a better understanding of the daily routine, class structure, and overall atmosphere of the school.

As a shadow your child will interact with current students and faculty; a perfect opportunity to ask their host and other students questions in a ‘non-parent zone’. This can help them gain a sense of our community, and determine whether they would be a good fit for our school culture.

Additionally, for those students who may be nervous about starting at a new school, a shadow day provides a low-pressure way to become acclimated to the school environment. Spending a day at Florida Prep can help build confidence and reduce anxiety, making the transition to our campus smoother and less stressful on check-in day.

Attending a shadow day is a valuable addition to your child’s entry to Florida Prep, not only does it provide a more personalized and hands-on way for prospective students to learn more about our school and determine whether it's a good fit for their future, but it is also, for many of our families the final step in the admissions process.

The Admissions Counselor working with your family will likely conduct the final interview for entry at the end of your shadow day. Should you be successful, you will be advised on the spot by our Admissions Director of your acceptance. You are under no obligation to sign-up at that time, but knowing Florida Prep is now an option available to you is often a very freeing experience for parents seeking a private school education for their child.