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Why Short Residential Programs and Shadow Days Benefit Potential Students

Enrolling at a boarding school or moving your child from a public school to a private academy is a huge decision for any family and given the investment required in the cost of tuition, uniforms, travel, and other sundry items, it can also be a costly mistake if things go wrong.

That is why at Florida Prep we always suggest that new students attend either our residential summer program or shadow for a day.  It’s not mandatory; however, it’s a great opportunity for your child to meet existing students, make new friends for the coming year and to get to know our faculty. It’s also an opportunity for our team to work with your child in a relaxed atmosphere and to see how they fit within the wider school community.

Our summer program offers a unique blend of fun activities alongside informative classroom lectures from specialists in their field. It is designed to bring together groups of various sizes, ages, and cultures in hands-on activities, devised to be both fun and educational.

It is through these activities that we are able to gauge a student’s commitment to the task in hand, to view their ability to interact with other students and to learn a little more about their personality beyond the formal setting of the Admissions Office.

From a student’s perspective, the constant bustle of the dorm rooms, the need for personal responsibility and the multi-cultural make-up of Florida Prep can sometimes be overwhelming, particularly to a child that may have spent their entire school career in the same class of familiar faces. The summer program breaks through those barriers and builds a new level of confidence for the upcoming school year.

As a rolling admissions school, we understand it’s not always possible to enroll your child into summer activities, however, Florida Prep also offers potential students the opportunity to ‘shadow for a day’ with a student of the same age and year group. Students may return on more than one occasion if necessary and it’s often the case that a ‘Shadow Day’ seals the deal for a nervous student.

If you are interested in learning more about the summer program, shadowing or our soon to be announced winter program contact our Admissions office at or by phone (321) 723-3211, Option 1.