Why Choose College Prep

Florida Prep Admissions Officers are often asked “What is College Prep, and why should I consider
paying for it?”

It is true that every public high school has a college guidance counselor, but did you know that person
may be responsible for up to 500 students, leaving them little to no time to actually work with a student

At Florida Prep, not only does our guidance counselor meet with our college bound students at least
once a week, we also often meet with parents; because we know that for many of you the U.S. college
admissions process is often a maze, and very intimidating.

If we also told you that on average a quarter of all freshmen drop-out, or don’t return for their second
year of college because they are unprepared to handle the workload, the independence of the college
experience, or simply did not fit in; dollar signs may dance before your eyes.

Not only is it expensive to attend college; public or private. It’s also a defining moment in your child’s
life; one that builds character, relationships and the skills required to secure a successful financial

A first year failure is just that, a failure, and many students (and their parents) never recover. Instead,
they will forever view college as a wasted year, often with regrets that they did not continue.
Rather than face this crisis, consider instead College Prep.

The time spent in a College Prep environment such as Florida Prep teaches your child how to handle the
college workload, matches your child to a college that suits their goals and learning style; the USA boasts
over 5,300 colleges and universities, every student has a ‘good fit’, and prepares your child for the
college campus lifestyle of diverse backgrounds, self-reliance and money management.

We all would like our children to succeed and college is the first step outside the protection of your
home. Don’t let that experience be a disappointment. Instead, invest in your child’s success by
enrolling them at Florida Prep.