What Does It Take To Be A Scholarship Recipient At Florida Prep?

Academic and merit-based scholarships benefit many of our students here at Florida Prep. Not only do they reward our students for good work and great grades but, they may also be used in coordination with scholarships such as Florida Step-Up.

When used together in this way the package covers a substantial percentage of tuition.

For one lucky student, the benefits exceed even that. The Florida Prep President’s Award covers the entire tuition package for a full year.

Such was the case for Florida Prep Junior,  Ryan Mangra, recipient of the President’s Award in 2019.

A well-rounded student, Ryan has been featured on the Florida Prep Honor Roll for all of his four years at the school, he is also a member of the  Robotics team, a three year veteran of the Florida Prep AFJROTC unit; serving as Cadet Major and member of the Color Guard, Track & Field participant and Stellar Explorer team member.

With so many activities at school, one would assume Ryan has little time for outside interests, but he is also a student pilot, gamer and remote control flight enthusiast, all this while still maintaining a great sense of humor and participating in all the things that teenage boys find amusing.

The winner of the President’s Award is traditionally announced in April, however, individual scholarships, up to $6,000 have already been allocated to those students at Florida Prep expected to return for the next academic year and the scholarship window remains upon open to new students seeking admission to Florida Prep for the 2020/21 academic year.

Competition remains fierce and early applications are recommended.

Read more about Ryan, in his own words below:


    I have been in AFJROTC for the past two years, and I am currently in my 3rd year.  In short, I absolutely love the program. The reason I love AFJROTC is mainly because of the community.  I have really enjoyed having the instructors I have had, and I firmly believe that through their help I am becoming a better person overall.  I really have no complaints, and I look forward to my 4th year in the program.  I am currently a Cadet Major in the program, and I am the Officer In Charge (OIC) of logistics.  I am responsible for keeping track of the various uniform items for our cadets.

    My responsibilities in the robotics club vary.  I am the Captain of the team, and I am responsible for keeping the team motivated, helping to organize events, promoting the team to our student body, leading the development of the robot, and various other responsibilities that may arise over the course of the robotics season.  The club has physically shrunk in the past year, as we had five people last year, and we now have four members.  Despite our small size, we have been able to achieve much more than last year.  Through all the hard work each team member has put in, we have been able to achieve higher accomplishments this year, ranking 7th place out of the 23 teams in the FTC Space Coast League.  I may not be able to say we grew in size, but I can say we grew in character.  I personally believe that this year we did not just work on a robot, we worked on people.  I have witnessed each team member grow in various ways through all the laughs and hardships we have had together, and I truly believe that this is what defines the meaning of Improv Robotics. We design relationships, and we design robots.

    On-campus I am involved with robotics, StellarXplorers, Color Guard, and track in terms of extracurricular activities.  Each one of these activities take up a good chunk of my time, robotics taking up usually two to three hours and occasionally 6 or more, track taking up about an hour after school, color guard taking up about an hour or less when it comes to the time to get to some destinations, and StellarXplorers taking up entire school days on Fridays or Thursdays.  In short, in robotics I do what I stated before, in StellarXplorers the team has to design satellite orbits and various other things around satellite launches, in Color Guard we present the colors at various events, and in track I am a distance runner.  These activities usually are well spaced out, so it is not as burdensome as it seems when it comes to the time they take.  In the end, I enjoy all the groups I am a part of, and I love working with the people in each one. 

    When I’m outside of school I like to do many different things.  I am a student pilot, and I enjoy flying a Cessna 172 when I have the time.  I am also the proud caretaker of two remote-control aircraft, one remote control helicopter, two remote control off-road vehicles, and one remote control boat that I still need to fix.  I enjoy flying and driving my remote control stuff with my friends, and I also somewhat enjoy fixing my remote control stuff when they decide to break.  Alongside being a student pilot and an RC fanatic, I also play video games like any normal teen.  I wouldn’t exactly call myself a gamer though, as I only really play Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Simple Planes on my computer that struggles to run Roblox on high graphics. Out of all the things I do, I get most of my enjoyment by being around people.  I enjoy having a good time with my friends along with anyone I come in contact with. 

    While at Florida Prep I have received many varying awards in any out of the academic setting.  I have received awards in areas such as AFJROTC, robotics, and academic awards.  In AFJROTC I have received awards based on my character and leadership abilities, as stated by the presenters of those awards.   I have maintained a steady pace of being on the A-B Honors list for all my four years at the school, with most of my honors being in all A’s, leading me to be on the president's list for various quarters.  Also, I have received the Dean’s List Semi-Finalist Award two times during the course of my two years in robotics. 

    There really is nothing else I would like to add as to what made me a good candidate for this scholarship, as I try to take a humble approach towards things like these.  Yes, I have put in a lot of work to get where I am, but I did not make it here on my own.  All the friends who have stood by my side through my many rough patches over my years at this school, and all the people who have come and told me I have made their day, these are the people that brought me here.  It is these people that I can attribute this scholarship to, and it is these people who can truly determine if I was the best candidate for this scholarship.