Top Ten Tips for Parents to Help kids with Distance Learning


Distance Learning is brand new for most of us and it can feel overwhelming at times. Here are some tips and tricks you can share with your child to help them be successful as a Distance Learning Student!


  1. Designate a Workspace! Help them find a space for only schoolwork that is not in the same place they relax or play video games. That way, when they get ready for school they are in the right mindset to work.
  2. Dress and Get Ready for School. Encourage them to take a shower and change out of their PJs. If they dress like they are going to school and get ready for the day, they are less likely to want to crawl back into bed.
  3. Stay Connected with Peers. Have them talk with their classmates in between lessons, either casually or to study ‘together’! If they are part of a team or a club, they can start a video call with them and have a virtual meeting!
  4. Stay Organized. Help them keep track of all of their class times and assignment due dates by putting them in a calendar. They can use their Google calendar, or write them down in a notebook!
  5. Stay Attentive and Take Notes in Class. It is very easy to get distracted when they’re already on the computer for school, so checking in and helping them stay attentive during classes will be very beneficial. If they master this skill now, online classes in college will be a breeze!
  6. Take a Break! Help them remember to take care of themself and take time to breathe if they are feeling overwhelmed. Encourage them to go for a walk, work on a jigsaw puzzle, or play with their pets to give their mind a rest.
  7. Ask for Help. This is new for all of us! We understand that this may not be the way your child learns best and they might need some extra help - remind them they don’t need to be afraid to ask for it! We are always here to help.
  8. Get in Some Exercise! Whether it’s walking the dog in the neighborhood or using the Down Dog App for at-home workouts, getting their blood pumping and body moving goes a long way to helping them feel good and less stressed.
  9. Stay Creative. Working on an art project is a helpful way to “reset” their mind when they’re overwhelmed. Have them draw or paint a picture or print out coloring sheets and fill them in. There are endless things they can do to fire up their creativity! This is a great time for them to get off of the computer and away from their screens.
  10. Remember that You are not Alone! We are all in this together and we are here for you and your child every step of the way. 

Do you have your own tips for success that you’d like to share? Reach out to us and let us know what they are!