The ‘Year of COVID’ Hampers Student Progress


As life moves on at Florida Prep, It is shocking to learn that during this past academic year over 55 million students in the United States spent time out of school due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Students in private schools, such as Florida Prep have fared better, with mandatory online learning lasting only for 2 months and return to full-time in-classroom tuition in August 2021. However, schools in many other states, and indeed countries, remain closed to in-classroom learning.

In a recent survey published by Megan Kuhfeld, “Projecting the potential impacts of COVID-19 school closures on academic achievement” the author projected that students subjected to extended periods outside the classroom may suffer up to 40% learning loss in English, and as much as 60% learning loss in math, significantly hampering a student’s return to school, and academic success. 

The Florida Prep curriculum is uniquely designed to overcome any learning loss a student might have experienced. A strong focus is placed upon moving the student back on track as quickly as possible with Daily Teacher Help, Peer Tuition, and Study Halls, along with parent/teacher conferences and regular oversight by our Principal creating a supportive, yet proactive support system for the student.

Students that remain on grade level, and above, move forward with a level of instruction specifically designed for that student. 

Motivated students may pursue AP and Honors courses at Florida Prep or a Dual enrollment track at nearby Florida Tech, or Eastern Florida State University.  

Florida Prep also offers students from overseas a comprehensive English as a Spoken Language (ESL) program or a PG program for those seeking that extra year in High School; an increasingly popular option given the significant period of time some students have remained outside the classroom.

Whatever your child’s current requirements, you can be assured Florida Prep has an option for you. Contact us today to learn more.