The Transformative Power of Experiential Learning

The Experiential Learning program offered at Florida Prep is a week-long educational experience offering Middle and High School students the opportunity to leave the classroom and experience a different perspective.

Program selections are offered to students upon joining Florida Prep over a range of price points, they include local, domestic, and international activities. All provide hands-on, real-world experiences designed to help students develop essential life skills and gain a new perspective on the world around them.

Middle school students benefit from Experiential Learning in a variety of ways.

Not only does the program provide middle school students with new challenges and opportunities to develop their problem-solving,

communication, and collaboration skills, but it also exposes them to new fields of study and interest, helping them to identify their passions and strengths early on in their academic journey.

Experiential Week also helps build confidence and resilience, preparing younger students for the challenges they may face as they move into the high school environment. Several of the Florida Prep programs blend middle school students with their high school peers, and the social interaction and friendships formed provide a valuable springboard to a successful high school transition. 

High school students also reap many benefits from Experiential Learning.

Traveling overseas or within the USA broadens a student's horizons and exposes them to new cultures, customs, and ways of life, while also helping to foster empathy and understanding. Additionally, the variety of elements available through the program provide opportunities for students to explore their interests in a real-world setting; some high schoolers may choose to join a trip, while others may intern at a business or organization of their choice, assisting them in the process of making an informed decision about their future academic and career path.

A Mandatory Program for All Students

During 2023 the Florida Prep Experiential Week program included trips to Belize, the Everglades & Key West, Greece, San Francisco and Savannah, with local excursions to Kennedy Space Center, Universal Studios, and the Wekiwa Coldwater Springs. In addition, the unique sports program included overviews of Golf, Basketball and Sports Therapy.

All trips and excursions undertaken during the Florida Prep Experiential Week Program carry a grade and students are expected to complete assignments provided by their teachers based upon the location, scientific interest and various other criteria. The grade is added to the Quarter 3 report card.

Experiential Week is scheduled just prior to Spring Break, and is a mandatory element of the Florida Prep curriculum.