The Hidden Cost of Public School

Public Schools. On the face of it, they are free, but in actual fact that simply is not true, and here at Florida Prep we are about to explain why.

In a recent informal survey, we asked parents with children currently in public school to tell us about the activities their children participated in at school, the tutoring they received, and the costs associated with the activity.

In addition, we also reviewed the ‘one off’ items, such as the ‘Back to School’ supply List, and included those in our overall total.  The results were startling, and here are just a few:

School Supplies: the long list of necessities, including tissues and hand sanitizer deemed critical to your child’s success in school.

Average cost                                                                                                                                      $200.

After school activities; including team sports, band, and transportation. The fees vary, and in many cases included special uniform items, equipment, and coaching.

Average cost $400 per month (1 season)                                              Average per year             $1600

Personal Tutor:  Before, during, and after the COVID-19 pandemic, parents have sought out personal tutors to keep their children on track and to assist with homework.

The average cost of a tutor $200 per month.                                        Average  per year            $1000

SAT Prep: For those students looking to attend a U.S. Top 100 school, or to garner academic scholarships, the SAT score sets them apart from their peers, and specialist tuition is often required to achieve the required results.

The average cost of an SAT workshop and associated materials                                                $500

SAT Exam registration   @ $49 (may be taken multiple times- assume 2)                                    $98                                        

ACT Prep: The ACT and SAT is not the same animal, and often a student will opt to take both exams for maximum options during the college application process. Again specialist workshops exist

The average cost of an ACT Workshop                                                                                      $500

ACT Exam registration   @ $34 (may be taken multiple times - assume 2)                                $68

Total “Hidden Fees”                                                                                                             $3,966

Bear in mind this is only a shortlist, your family may be paying for many other items.

Would it now surprise you to learn that at Florida Prep each of these items is included in your tuition package?  

Daily, after-school teacher help offers students one-on-one tuition assistance and SAT & ACT workshops are part of the curriculum; students may take each test up to 3 times.

Coaching and equipment are provided by Florida Prep to all students interested in trying out or improving at a new sport. Our music department offers group and individual participation options and we do not charge to lease an instrument.

Taken as a whole, you may already be close to covering a large piece of your child’s tuition at Florida Prep with the hidden fees you are currently paying at a public school. And, with the addition of Florida Prep scholarships (average:  $4,000) and those provided by the State of Florida (average: $6,000), you will discover, as many of our current families already have, that Florida Prep may be within your reach.

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