The Florida Prep Middle School

The middle school years are a formative time for any student. The move from the structured small environment of elementary school to a larger middle school campus, together with increased independence can often be a major environmental and emotional hurdle. Florida Prep understands this transition and has developed a curriculum to support your child during these crucial years; academically, emotionally, and developmentally.

At the basic level, the smaller classes available to middle school students at Florida Prep provide personalized attention and instruction. Our middle school class is generally around 14 students, and a dedicated homeroom teacher ensures your child will not fall through the cracks, academically or emotionally.

That knowledge, of each student’s personality and strengths, also allows teachers at Florida Prep to make decisions on coursework options. Those middle school students viewed as academically gifted or interested in exploring more challenging subject matter can be advanced to a class, more suited to their needs, and those requiring a little more time; particularly non-English speakers,  held back.

This option helps a student settle into their academics, and is often a panacea to the negative comment at many public schools “Your child is disruptive”. In fact, many students are simply bored, or not challenged.

The Florida Prep faculty also has broad autonomy to make decisions on their lesson plans and curriculum. This allows them to tailor instruction to the individual needs and strengths of each student; to introduce hands-on projects, field trips, and more, rather than simply ‘teach to a test’.

This hands-on approach comes to the fore during the Florida Prep Experiential Week. Middle School students may choose from a variety of week-long faculty chaperoned field trips and activities, designed to both challenge and educate. Students are then expected to produce assignments based on their experiences throughout the week which are then graded by faculty.

It’s a unique opportunity to not only learn, but also to share in activities with students from other grade levels, and often sparks mentoring and new friendships.

Also distinctive to Florida Prep is the Ambassador program, students from across all grade levels are considered for inclusion and selection is an honor. Ambassadors act as a conduit between new students and Florida Prep as a whole, and not only conduct tours and host ‘shadow students’ but also organize and participate in school-wide activities designed to test their presentation, management, and leadership skills.

Throughout all grade levels at Florida Prep, as a parent, you can be sure your student will thrive, and while we understand private school tuition may appear daunting, Florida Prep accepts Florida Empowerment Scholarships and also offers academic scholarships which may be stacked, making private education more accessible to you and your family.

If you are looking for a superior education, a sense of community, and a place for your middle school student to thrive, Florida Prep is the school to consider.

Interested in learning more, having a no-obligation chat, or scheduling a tour? Contact the Florida Prep Admissions Department today.