The American Experience

When is a Gap Year not a Gap year? When it’s a year of education at Florida Prep!

For many students, a gap year is a time to travel and explore, to leave behind academia, and to focus on things that are new. Often taken between High School and University it is a complete disconnect from the academic world.  But, as many Gap Year students can attest, that disconnect often makes returning to the classroom difficult, if not impossible, and each year around 10% of gap year students never attend their university of choice, despite having a confirmed place.

But what if you could take that experience away, still have fun, meet new people, build your resume and learn a new language? All while setting yourself up for admission to your university of choice - directly out of high school.

It is possible, and numerous students are on that path each year at Florida Prep.

How Does It Work?

Our American Experience program allows students to live and study at Florida Prep for an entire academic year.

You will live within our dorms, with native English speakers, and attend core classes, all while immersing yourself in the English language and attending ESL classes taught by licensed teachers; with additional ESL certification.

The results of the program speak for themselves; attendees can expect to see a phenomenal improvement in their English Language skills; both written and oral, often up to 3 grade levels, and producing confident English speakers. 

Become A Part of the Florida Prep Community

With that rise in confidence, students become motivated to try other new experiences, including learning new sports; many of our students participate in Florida Prep basketball, golf, track, the cheer squad or join the swim team; all for the first time, they also join clubs such as Drama and the National Junior Honors Society. 

Student weekend activities allow for the exploration of the local area, and the Florida Prep Experiential Week raises the bar further with trips that take students out of Florida, allowing for the discovery of other areas of the United States.

Our American Experience students also become an integral part of our community, and ‘Right-of-passage’ experiences such as Prom and Homecoming become theirs.

Florida Prep 2022, Prom Queen, Maya, from Sweden said of the experience “I’ve seen this so many times on American TV shows, but little did I ever imagine it would be MY experience to share!”

At Florida Prep we urge you to come and make your own memories, while still remaining on track for University.  Contact us today to learn more.