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Tennis Elective at Florida Prep Offers Year-Round Play

It probably comes as no surprise to those interested in the game; the tennis elective at Florida Prep ranks as one of our most popular electives across all grade levels.

With two, all-weather, night-lit courts available to Florida Prep students the excitement of participating in practice and play is often irresistible and during student downtime, it’s not uncommon to find motivated players practicing their strokes, or playing games, late into the evening.

The Florida Prep program though small is now considered to be a force to be reckoned with. Our players play competitively throughout the season at both District and State levels, often claiming victories over schools with much larger programs.

Florida Prep Tennis is also a grassroots program. It is not uncommon to find players completely new to tennis on our courts and given the opportunity to practice virtually 7 days per week in Florida, progress is both fast and impressive.

If your student is looking for a dynamic tennis option, to try a new sport, or simply enjoy time with friends in fantastic Florida weather speak to an Admissions Officer today.

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