‘Teacher Help’ Sessions Occur Daily at Florida Prep


During a recent survey of 477 school districts by the University of Washington’s Center on Reinventing Public Education, researchers found that following the March, 2020 wave of school closures due to COVID-19, academic learning slowed for most children, and stopped for others. 

“Far too many schools are leaving learning to chance, just one in three school districts expect teachers to provide instruction, track student engagement, or monitor academic progress for all students”, their report states.

As we head into the ‘new normal’, with schools following online, hybrid, and in-person programs, how is your school performing? 

Based upon an informal survey of parents contacting the Florida Prep Admissions Office, the perceived success of any learning program is linked closely to the teaching staff and their relationship with the student. 

When academic staff are not personally on campus, the parental perception of the learning program on offer declines significantly.

At Florida Prep we understand the importance of that link and make it our mission to ensure that all Florida Prep students have daily access to their teachers in a one-on-one format through daily “Teacher Help”; a 30 minute slot at the conclusion of each school day during which students may speak with teachers in their classrooms regarding coursework, and if necessary seek additional instruction on items that may not be 100% understood. It is also an ideal opportunity for teachers to request a conversation with a student, or a parent.

Given its daily occurrence, Teacher Help is very much thought of as a ‘non-judgmental’ zone by teachers and students alike and it is an ideal forum to address issues before they may become problems.

With a full-complement of teachers currently on the Florida Prep campus, ‘Teacher Help’ ensures  students not only receive professional instruction --- inside a classroom, but also enables our academic staff to keep abreast of a student’s progress and development throughout their entire time at the academy.