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Student Empowerment Catalyst to Dining Hall Changes

Did you know that more than 100 million pieces of plastic utensils are used by Americans every day? Did you know they can take up to 1,000 years to decompose, leaking harmful substances into the earth while they break down *

Those questions and others were recently leveled at the Florida Prep administration by the leaders of the student council following the summertime decision to transition from traditional washable tableware to single-use disposable ware, and our administration heard their voices.


During a carefully crafted presentation student council members stated that sustainability was a campus-wide undertaking and not only relevant to small groups and clubs. The Florida Prep administration agreed that on this occasion the students were correct and the move over to disposable tableware was not the right move for our community.

Beginning on Friday, October 11 we will reinstate washable tableware to our dining facility.

This decision is one of many made each day at Florida Prep through the interaction of our student council and our administration. Having our students understand that their opinions matter, but must be grounded in fact and presented in a well thought out argument is an integral part of our curriculum. Students are encouraged to debate, strategize and to develop plans before appointing spokespersons and leaders to carry forward their suggestions, much like they would do in an outside business community.

Although guidance is on-hand, the student council team members are also encouraged to run their own meetings and set their own agenda based upon the mood/needs of the student population within Florida Prep.

There will not always be a definitive ‘victory’; however, by empowering students to make choices now, we are developing skills that transition into college, the workplace and our student’s future lives.

Dining Hall Trays
This station has been added to the dining hall for students to return their washable dishes after use. 
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