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Scholarships & Awards Place Florida Prep Within Your Reach

Can my family afford Florida Prep? It may surprise you to learn that in many cases the answer is a
resounding yes!

Over 95% of Florida Prep students; local and international, receive financial scholarships or assistance.
And, and in many cases, the fee to attend Florida Prep is reduced substantially.

But how is that possible?

Unlike many other private schools Florida Prep scholarship offerings are not based on parent income or
sporting aptitude. Instead, scholarships can be earned across a broad spectrum of talents and through
academic achievement. If your child is excellent academically, they will automatically be offered a
scholarship based upon a sliding scale of grades --- at Florida Prep we reward hard work!

We also offer scholarships for artists, musicians, and to members of JROTC.

All awards may be used alongside the allocations issued by the State of Florida, including Florida Step-
up, The Florida Hope Scholarship and the Florida Empowerment Scholarship.

But that is not all; in some cases families will also be awarded a yearly allowance to offset boarding fees
at Florida Prep.

“If you are interested in Florida Prep we urge you to reach out for a chat as soon as possible”, says
Florida Prep, Director of Admissions, Safiyah Dinally. “Scholarships and financial awards are available
only for a limited period of time, generally January through May, and are applied to students planning to
join Florida Prep in the fall. Recommendations, interviews, paperwork and testing can slow the process,
particularly now where staff may not be readily available due to COVID restrictions. Our enrollment for
the 2021/2022 school year is already well underway”, she added.

Florida Prep may be within your reach, contact us today to discuss your family’s options.


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