Return to School FAQ


Return to School FAQ

We understand you may have questions regarding policies and procedures during this time. To assist you we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions. Should you have more questions, or require more information we are happy to speak with you further.

COVID-19 Protocols



Is it necessary to wear a mask?

-The requirement for masks will be decided by the administration and communicated to students and their families via a color coded system found at the very top of the Florida Prep website (

Red: Campus is closed, Orange: Face coverings for all, Yellow: Face coverings are not mandatory unless social distancing cannot be observed, Green: No face coverings required.

The ‘Return to Class 2020’ document also found in this location outlines the other color codes and provides further information.

The school will reopen on August 24 on level Orange; a mandatory mask requirement throughout campus.

How Do I Enter The Campus?

The gate to the Florida Prep campus will open daily from 8:00 am – 8:30 am & 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm. Visitors outside these hours must report to the Florida Center (during normal business hours), or call the main desk (321) 723 3211 #201 (evenings & weekends).

Will I Be Temperature Checked?

All students arriving on the Florida Prep campus will be temperature checked in their vehicles. If your temperature is in excess of 100.4 degrees F (38 degrees C), you will be requested to park outside the Hall of Flags and remain in your vehicle for 10 minutes. At that time your temperature will be checked again and the Director of Health & Wellness will indicate if you may enter school premises. Please DO NOT leave your vehicle until indicated to do so! Parents may not drop students at the Florida Center to walk on campus.

What Happens If A Case of COVID-19 Is Reported On Campus?

Anyone reporting exposure to a positive COVID-19 individual will be requested to self-quarantine at home for 14 days. If the case occurs on campus a number of protocols will apply dependent upon the extent of contact with staff and students. As a minimum we will close the campus for 2-5 days for deep cleaning.

Our Director of Health & Wellness will also conduct Contact Tracing and advise at risk individuals to remain at home for 14 days.

What Happens To My Student During the Closure for Deep Cleaning?

All day students will revert to the eLearning platform and will continue the normal school day from home. The eLearning platform will be familiar to our students; log-in and operating instructions will be allocated by each staff member at the outset of the school year and many classes will integrate eLearning into their normal day to increase familiarity.

Non Verbal Cue’s

During the check-in process students and teachers received a number of wristbands of various colors. These are intended to immediately identify the wearers comfort level around other people; red being the most uncomfortable with a preference to remain 6ft apart and both parties wear a mask. Color cues will begin only after we move from Orange to Yellow on the campus safety protocols.

Classroom Protocols



How many students are in each class?

Wherever possible student numbers will be restricted to 10 per class, however, if a larger group is present we will relocate to a larger classroom, the Hall of Flags or outdoors.

Will Classrooms Be Sanitized?

At the conclusion of each class the teacher will sanitize the classroom. At the conclusion of the day each classroom will be deep-cleaned by our facilities staff.

Shared Equipment



In the majority of classes students will have their own box of equipment to be used only by them, however, should that not be possible i.e. in the science lab, the equipment will be deep-cleaned after use.




For the foreseeable future field trips and non-emergency transportation will be limited. Should a student require transported in a Florida Prep vehicle, they will be required to wear a mask at all times and vehicle occupancy will be reduced.

Boarding Students



Will my student face restrictions on campus?

During their initial 2 weeks on the Florida Prep campus, boarding students will be encouraged not to enter other student’s rooms and to wear masks. Dorm rooms will not exceed 2 students per room. The sharing of equipment i.e. computers, cellphones, personal hygiene items and food will be strongly discouraged.

Food Services



What arrangements have been made for food services?

All food items will be individually wrapped and served in recyclable containers. Table occupancy has been reduced to allow for social distancing and additional tables have been added to the dining hall.

Students may pre-order a lunch selection for delivery to their homeroom via the Florida Prep website:




Who is responsible for making decisions regarding closures and protocols?

All decisions will be made via the Florida Prep COVID-19 Committee, which includes the Dean of Students, Principal, and the Director or Health & Wellness. Any decision to close the campus will also require sign-off from the President of Florida Prep.

If you have questions regarding any of our procedures please email and the person best suited to answer your query will contact you.