Performance & Fine Art Departments Come Together to Build Student Skills

The Florida Prep Performing and Fine Arts Department, is a new addition to the Florida Prep curriculum, bringing together our new Performing Arts department; under the leadership of Ms. Judith Smith, a seasoned Director, Producer, and ‘all-round miracle maker’, and the recently restructured Fine Arts department at Florida Prep, under the leadership of Ms. Ebonie Carter; an established artist, photographer, and educator.

Together they are a formidable force and Florida Prep is excited to announce their first joint project ‘Elf JR, The Musical’ at the Florida Prep campus, on December 2nd, 2022.

The production follows the adventures of a young orphan boy (Buddy) who crawls into Santa’s bag on Christmas Eve and is raised by Elves, until finally discovering he is a human being.

With Santa’s urging, Buddy travels to New York to seek out his father, Walter Hobbs, only to learn that Walter is on the ‘naughty list' and that his son Michael does not believe in Santa.

Buddy is then determined to win over his birth family, and help New York City remember the true meaning of Christmas.

The entire Elf production will be created and performed by Florida Prep students; offering innumerable opportunities to build their skills as performers, technicians, and managers; students will be responsible for sound, light, costume design, ticket sales, etc. 

Tickets start from as little as $5 and may be purchased here.

To learn more about how your child can benefit from becoming a member of the Florida Prep Performing and Fine Arts Department,  contact the Admissions Department today.