Parents Take-Back Education

How did the first day of school go for your child? Did the teacher remember their name, welcome them to class and create a warm learning atmosphere? Did the guidance counselor contact your senior this summer to discuss college plans, electives, or the coming year? Was your child disappointed to learn that the classes they had anticipated taking were oversubscribed?

It’s no surprise that in a public school a staff member likely will not remember every child’s name, teachers have a high turnover rate, and class sizes are often over 20 students.  What if in addition to not remembering their name, the teacher announces that the classes your child took and passed the previous year will now be taken again, or the guidance counselor marks your child as ‘satisfactory’ because they have no earthly idea who they may be? At that point, as parents, we begin to protest.

At Florida Prep we observe that protest each day, particularly in the first 2-4 weeks of a new school year when students transfer to us from public schools and often the reasons given for considering us are those listed above, but for each family it’s different and that’s what makes us different also.

At Florida Prep we treat each student as an individual, with unique needs and expectations. As a small private school we do not ‘teach to the test’; if your child has the ability to work at an accelerated rate, we make it happen. We also interact with you as parents --- encouraging communication between your child’s teachers and the school administration.  What if problems should arise? We know your child sufficiently well to deal with any situation immediately.

As a parent, we strive to do the best for our children, but often feel that education is out of our control, and the cost is out of reach --- but you could be wrong. Scholarships, academic awards and payment plans may put Florida Prep within the reach of your family, today!

Research by the National Association of Independent Schools has shown that students who attend private schools do better on tests, are more likely to be accepted into and attend college and are more likely to graduate.  Don’t you owe that to your child?

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