New Flag Presentation Represents a Decades-Old Tradition at Florida Prep

The Hall of Flags at Florida Prep represents the very heart of our academy and displays over 100 flags from around the world, of students both past and present.

Each year, students from countries not yet represented at the academy are invited to present their flag in a ceremony that mirrors a tradition spanning back almost 60 years.

Indeed, it is often the case that new students entering the Hall of Flags for the first time will scan the 100 flags currently on display and remark “that’s my flag”, or, “I don’t see my flag, how can it be included?”

On November 11, 2020, Florida Prep granted that wish to 3 students and one member of the U.S. military, as the flags of Nepal, Vietnam, Native American Tribe, Osage Nation, and the newest branch of the United States military, The Space Force, presented their flags to Florida Prep before an assembled audience of students, staff, and administrators.

It is a tradition that brings pride to those involved, while reiterating to our student body the importance of honor, respect, and pride, in both their own country, and the Florida Prep community as a whole.

To view the presentations follow this link: