Looking For a Home-Away-From-Home?

Location, location, location! It’s the rallying cry of any realtor worth his salt, but surprisingly house buying analogies also apply to the decision on which boarding school to choose for your child. Check out the similarities:  

Large plot - Look for a boarding school with plenty of room for students to play, or to simply find a private space.

Comprehensive security system - Is the campus secure, does it have 24/7 security manned by people who are not only familiar with your child but would also notice if they were not on campus, or had an issue.

Easy commute to local shopping - While it’s tempting to be swayed by the wonderful campus in the mountains, if it requires a major transportation effort for your child to visit a store for personal items or is locked in by winter weather, it may not be a good fit, particularly if you come from a warmer climate.

Access to International Airports - OK, we realize this one is not on the check-list of most families, but if an international airport connection is as little as 5 minutes’ drive away (Orlando Melbourne International) or only one hour, (Orlando International) you can bet your realtor will be telling you about it!

Beachside access - Nothing beats a day at the beach, particularly for those families who currently reside in island communities. Add in world-class surfing and this location seems a lot like home or a super vacation spot.

Engaged Community and Home Owners Association - How are the neighbors, do they decorate for Christmas and Halloween, and are they friendly? Will your child be welcomed into their new community through a buddy system and roomed with a student of a similar age?  Do Residential Dorm Supervisors encourage students to share in all the traditions of home; from special ‘country-themed’ dinners to the production of Christmas cards and artwork? Does this community promote friendships that last a lifetime?  

Move-in Ready! At Florida Prep we’ve been welcoming residential students for nearly 60 years. We offer premier boarding facilities and a cozy campus in Melbourne, Florida. Only 10 minutes to the beach and 5 minutes to the airport our secure campus is walking distance to the mall, the cinema, and local theatre. Orlando airport and attractions are a 60-minute highway drive away. Our residential students enjoy a home-away-from-home atmosphere and friendships that transition the world.

Sounds like your kind of home? Speak to an admissions officer today to learn more about Florida Prep!   

The Jennings family from the Turks & Caicos Islands realized during their first winter Minnesota was not a great fit for their sons JJ and David!

Video supplied by Rev Jennings.