Location, Location, Location: Why Location Matters for High School Boarders

When considering a boarding school for their child, parents often weigh numerous factors, from academic reputation to extracurricular offerings. However, one aspect that should not be overlooked is the school's location. For high school boarding students, the surrounding area can significantly impact their overall experience and development.

Florida Prep’s location, nestled in the charming city of Melbourne, is a prime example of how a well-chosen community adds to the enjoyment of a student’s life on campus.

Convenience and Accessibility

Florida Prep’s strategic location provides students with unparalleled convenience and accessibility. Our campus is situated within easy walking distance of a large shopping mall, an array of budget-friendly restaurants, coffee shops, a pharmacy, a cinema, and fun activities in a large local park. In addition, a municipal golf course is located directly outside our gates, allowing for 7-day play. Our students are able to make purchases and plan outings without the need for school transportation or an adult chaperone being present. This freedom fosters a sense of independence and responsibility. Communal walks and the ‘buddy system’ (students must travel in groups of 2 or more) often result in new friendships and a better understanding of the need to always be aware of their surroundings; an attitude that transfers well to their future college campus. Living and shopping in our local community also fosters a sense of connection to the area and a better understanding of life in the USA.


During weekends, short holidays, and class excursions, Florida Prep is also able to offer students a myriad of experiences outside our immediate area. Our location, only one hour away from Orlando attractions such as Disney and Sea World, and just 45 minutes away from Cape Canaveral, offers students access to world-renowned theme parks and the iconic Kennedy Space Center visitor complex. Florida Prep also teams up with those same organizations to offer our students educational and recreational experiences designed to provide unforgettable memories and a chance to expand their horizons beyond the classroom.

Airport Access

The ease with which their child may travel to and from campus is a question we are asked frequently by parents considering Florida Prep. Many boarding schools in the U.S. are located in remote locations, often hours away from a major international airport, necessitating extra hours of travel upon arrival, often during the nighttime hours. Florida Prep’s close proximity to the Melbourne Orlando International Airport (MLB), located only 5 minute’s drive from our campus, and the Orlando International Airport (MCO); located only one hour away, offers families considering Florida Prep the convenience of smooth travel arrangements and the opportunity to compare flights and tariffs for each location. This ensures the best possible arrival time to our campus and the optimum use of their travel budget. Both the Orlando and Melbourne international airports also benefit from private aviation facilities to accommodate those students arriving via personal aviation.

The Weather

For many of our students, one of the additional perks of living at Florida Prep is the extremely pleasant weather. While it’s fun to ski on a mountain in the perfect snow of autumn, many of our transfer students have told us of bitter cold winters and the inability to leave campus due to dangerous weather conditions. Florida's subtropical climate ensures that students enjoy mild winters and hot summers, creating a comfortable environment for year-round activities. Our abundance of sunny days encourages outdoor learning and recreational pursuits, such as tennis and golf, visits to local beaches, and time on the water, further enriching their overall experience of being a student at Florida Prep.

Your Family's Experience

The location of your child’s boarding school will play a pivotal role in shaping their overall experience and happiness when living away from home. From easy access to shopping and entertainment to enriching experiences at nearby attractions and a strong sense of community, Florida Prep is more than an option; it is a must.

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