Learn About Student Scholarship Programs for Students Attending Private Schools

Are you disappointed in your child’s school, but not sure where to seek help? Florida Prep may have a solution.

Join us for our next ‘Open House’ on Saturday, September 28 at 9:30 a.m. and in two hours you’ll meet our students, tour the campus and learn how to tap into public and private scholarships that pay for your child’s education in a private school.

As a secular college preparatory academy, Florida Prep accepts students of all creeds and nationalities, and our focus goes beyond teaching to the test; community service, leadership, character and academic success are all attributes of a Florida Prep student.

 “Our open house will introduce parents to a host of scholarship programs administered by the State of Florida and also discuss the in-house Academic Scholarship program offered by Florida Prep,” said Admissions Director, Safiyah Dinally. “And don’t assume you may not be eligible; scholarships cover a wide variety of salaries and family circumstances.”

“Your child has only one shot at a good education, why live with disappointment?” she concluded.

To attend the Open House please RSVP here, email admissions@flprep.com or call us at 321 723 3211 #1 to book your place.