Is Your Child in the 100%?

Ensure your child is in the 100%

In a recent press release issued by Brevard Public Schools, a high school student graduation rate of 88% was lauded as a great achievement, up 2% from the previous year.  But what about the 12% of students who did not graduate?  What happened to them?

Is Your Child in the 100%?At Florida Prep, each senior class has boasted a 100% graduation rate since 1972. In fact it’s one of our major achievements. Our high school graduation requirements include that not only must a student attain the grades necessary to receive his or her high school diploma, they must also receive at least one college acceptance.

We believe that it’s unacceptable to have even one child unable to graduate, let alone 12% of the senior class!

Of course, we understand there are often reasons beyond a parent’s control for their child failing to graduate, but as a private school that’s where we can help.  We can offer your child far more options for success than any public school, beginning with the fact that we don’t “teach to the test,” but instead concentrate our efforts on teaching students what they need to be successful in college and beyond.

Our faculty at Florida Prep is empowered to work with your child to produce an outcome that not only sets your child up for life, but also for success at every step of their development.  Our flexible college style schedule enables motivated students to advance quickly and gets them prepared for the type of schedule they will encounter at the next stage of their education.  Also, if emphasis is needed in any particular area for a student, our small class sizes and faculty extended presence on campus can make that happen easily.

Studies have shown that students who do not receive a high school diploma suffer across the board, from low self-esteem, unemployment and depression, to jail-time, drug use and ill health due to the strenuous nature of the few jobs available to young people without qualifications.

At Florida Prep we believe in the importance of a 100% graduation rate, and we know that’s what parents expect of us.  No one wants their child to be one of the 12%!