Is it the right time to consider a new school?

The transition from a cozy elementary school, to a large middle school, can often be a traumatic time for a student.

That small class, with a teacher they may have known for years; one who anticipates their needs, praises and challenges them, and works with you as a parent,  is replaced by an anonymous autonomy, where the guidance counselor, or front office answering machine, is the point of contact, and motivated parental involvement is often viewed as interference.

One such parent, Julia Brown, experienced such a scenario when meeting the school guidance counselor at a large, local, middle school for the first time.

“My son was extremely bright and working at a higher level than his classmates,” says Brown. “During our first, and only meeting with the Guidance Counsellor at his new school, a lady who that day had probably met 30 students or more; each student was allocated only a 10-minute slot, we were shocked to discover that all the courses we had anticipated my son taking were oversubscribed and he was expected to spend an entire year in do-over mode!

“She was totally unconcerned, offered no alternatives, and simply indicated we should apply for the advanced classes the next time they became available!

“My son was very upset at the thought of cooling his heels for an entire year, and I knew it would not be good for him.

“We decided there and then that the school was not for us, and began to reach out to private schools. We were obviously very late in our decision, the school year was about to begin, but Florida Prep invited us to come in and talk.

“During our first meeting, we toured the campus and then met with the Guidance Counsellor who actually reviewed his records, discussed our goals for the coming year, and also talked about the importance of coursework for a college path. It was a great atmosphere and we were extremely impressed.  We enrolled that day!”

Of course, not everyone will encounter the Brown’s experience or the happy ending, but at Florida Prep we are increasingly meeting families looking for something more than a cookie-cutter education or simply dissatisfied with the options with which they are presented.  

With the recent school closures due to COVID-19, parents have been offered a glimpse into their children’s classrooms, and many did not like what they observed.  

Additionally, upon their return to in-person instruction, countless students found themselves academically behind, and support at this incredibly difficult time was lacking across countless levels.

As a result, families are now seeking schools that are smaller, more focused. Somewhere teachers have time to deal with every student in their classroom, and just as importantly, somewhere that people know their children personally.  

At Florida Prep not only do we have time for your child, but we also run the academy on a set of classical skills and values that probably mirror those in your own home; honesty, leadership, integrity, and conscientiousness are the building blocks from which our students grow.

Just as important, we also understand that you know your child best. 

If your child’s school is unwelcoming, your child is unhappy about returning next year, or you are disappointed with the options available, trust your gut and talk to us.

We hope you will find that Florida Prep is not only the perfect place for your child, but also for your family as a whole.

Contact us today or call (321) 723 3211 #1. Open house dates are listed at www.flprep/ . We accept boys and girls in grades 6 thru 12 as day students, and grades 8 thru 12 into our boarding program.

Act now to secure your child’s future place at Florida Prep. Places are limited.