Introducing Our New House System

New House System Encourages Goal Setting Activities

During the first student assembly of the academic year, Florida Prep students may have thought themselves part of a Harry Potter novel, for not only were they seated in the flag decked ‘Hall of Flags’, but their names were announced in a formal fashion as they were designated to their new ‘House’ at Florida Prep.

Fashioned on the system implemented in many English boarding schools, the ‘House’ structure entails the allocating of students across all age groups into a series of formal sets; creating smaller communities within the larger community to promote the formation of stronger bonds and connections.

Naming our houses was no easy task, but it soon became apparent the groups should have a connection to the Space Coast, on which we reside. Thus, all our houses are named after US astronauts, some of whom continue to reside on the Space Coast or have a special connection to our school.

The house names are Winston E Scott, Christine Koch, Thomas Stafford, and Virgil Grissom. Further details regarding each of our astronauts can be found in the bio links included below.

Each house is linked to a sponsor: a member of the Florida Prep administration and a co-sponsor: a member of Florida Prep faculty.  House members choose a Captain and Vice-Captain as their leaders. The overall coordinator of the scheme is the Dean of Students, with assistance from the Principal.

Why Implement A House System?

It is often the case in any school that students will gravitate to others similar to them, be it at an academic level, through sports or ethnicity.  The house system allows for greater integration, the development of new skills and a sense of achievement, not only for self but for the entire house as a whole.

Our overall goal is to foster a healthy, yet also a competitive culture that feeds through the entire school, while simultaneously promoting the values and skills we believe will encourage a higher level of achievement in our student body.

What’s involved?

The focus of each house will be to earn points for their community. Points will be allocated based upon 4 criteria:

Academic: Honor Roll, President’s List, SAT Prep, etc.

Service: Individual service to the local community

Conduct: To be recommended by admin, faculty or staff member

Community: Florida Prep community improvement projects, sports and club involvement.

Over the course of the year, each house will also compete in ‘House Cups’, events planned to include a variety of academic, team, athletic, and individual challenges. 

At the conclusion of the year, all students will participate in a ‘pass and review’ ceremony, whereby the Senior Captains of each house will pass the responsibility for the house onto their Vice-Captain.

A Project in Motion

Throughout the year we will display House points, photos of activities and accolades in the Hall of Flags, the first task for each house is to develop their design for new insignia and flags. Look out for those in the coming weeks.

As the house standards are implemented we will also be meeting regularly to chronicle best practices; for unlike the hallowed halls of the Harry Potter novels, this is all new to us! There will be bumps along the way, but our students are excited to get moving. The buy-in has been tremendous and it’s a fabulous start to our new academic year.

For more information contact the Florida Prep Dean of Students, Jay Gideon,

Links to Astronaut Bios

Christina Koch

Thomas Stafford

Winston Scott

Virgil Grissom




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