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Giving Thanks at Florida Prep


It is customary during the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday to share with our friends and relatives the many things we are thankful for.

Given all that has happened in 2020, Florida Prep would like to share their own Thanksgiving thanks:

We are thankful for our amazing students, and their ability to accept change and to go with the flow.

For our parents from around the world who have trusted us with their children these past few months; despite obvious worries regarding their return to the USA.

To our student ambassadors, student government, and volunteers, for supporting their peers and working to make the new ‘normal’ a better experience.

For the students and parents that have supported our local community with food drives, donations, and community service hours.

For our faculty in accepting the many restrictions imposed upon them with good humor and understanding.

And lastly, the entire Florida Prep community is thankful for the many people behind the scenes at Florida Prep, those who work to make our days better, our classrooms cleaner, and our campus safe.

Thank you to all – Happy Thanksgiving!

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