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For almost 60 years students from The Caribbean have called Florida Prep home. Find out why!

Parents from The Caribbean Say “Yes” to Florida Prep

Florida Preparatory Academy (Florida Prep) is currently facing a dilemma many schools would envy: how to accommodate the growing number of Caribbean students choosing the school over options in Europe or other cities within the United States.
 “It’s our small size (around 150 students) and the family atmosphere that is drawing students from the Caribbean,” says academy Admissions Director, Safiyah Dinally.
“Our students participate in a challenging academic program based upon character, creativity, real-world problem solving, public speaking, and leadership. Classes are small and each student is treated as an individual.
“We applaud excellence and accountability, require students to participate in community service projects and mandate that before graduation each student must have an offer from a college or university. Through this process, we have maintained 100% college acceptance since 1978.
"The success of this model,” continues Dinally, “may be clearly seen in the students we graduate. They have skills and maturity way beyond their peers.
“We consistently place our students in top colleges and universities throughout the USA and around the world, and our athletes have achieved sporting success, not only at the college level but beyond. A number of our former students have represented their countries internationally in the Olympics or become professional athletes.”
Students at Florida Prep wear uniforms, live together in shared rooms and abide by a student discipline code. Responsibility is earned, and adults are addressed with respect by using the terms “Sir” or “Ma'am.” In addition to boarding students, the school also accepts day students from the local community, enabling an active “Parent Association” to flourish on campus.
“It’s a formula that has served us well for nearly 60 years,” says Dinally. “And I know from experience that students make huge gains academically and form friendships from around the world while here... currently we have students from over 22 different countries enrolled for the fall”.
The benefits of such a multi-cultural environment are many and varied.
Lynden and Delleriece Hall from Turks and Caicos say of Florida Prep: “As parents of recent Florida Prep graduates, we can positively state that FPA is an excellent institution to groom a young mind for higher learning.
“Having our eldest son as an FPA alum, it was an easy decision to enroll our youngest into the school which gives students the opportunities to explore and achieve their goals. This certainly helps to mold and develop your child's character in the most positive way. The school is like a family, with values that you want your child to retain throughout their young adult lives.
“The staff is reliable, trustworthy and on-call whenever necessary. The teachers demonstrate genuine caring about your child's academic and social development, just as you do as parents, and want to see him or her truly succeed. We are proud parents of Florida Preparatory Academy and will continue to recommend the school to others.”