Florida Scholarships Open Doors to Private Schools and College Admission

According to a recent Pew Research Center report “An influx of low-income and students of color have ‘almost exclusively’ driven explosive growth in undergraduate enrollment at U.S. Colleges and universities in the past decade,  and many colleges have signaled the willingness to support low-income students through scholarships, grants, and medical expenses”.

How is it possible to utilize these opportunities if the very item eluding your student is a sound High School education and assistance with college entry? Private schools are geared to this process, but how can that network be accessed by the average family?

 ‘Do you offer scholarships?’ is often the first question raised by a potential enrollee at Florida Prep, and it’s something we and other private schools in the area are able to answer in the affirmative thanks to the Florida Step Up and Florida Empowerment Scholarship Programs. Both programs offer portable scholarship awards that place a private education within the reach of millions of families across Florida and the application process is both quick and easy.  

Scholarships from both programs are awarded to cover yearly tuition at the school of your choice, and following initial allotment must be renewed on an annual basis; the renewal window for the coming academic year opens January 1, 2020. The window for new applicants opens March 1, 2020. Funds are allocated on availability; early renewals and applications are strongly suggested.

The portable nature of the award allows students to relocate to a new school on a yearly basis without any loss of funding and places the family at the forefront of the decision making process regarding their child’s education.

Next steps if you are about to renew your application or plan to submit a new application.  

Visit schools in your area accepting the scholarships and take along your child. It is they who will ultimately make the decision on whether a school is a good fit for them or not.  If the school offers a ‘shadow day’, as we do here at Florida Prep, sign your child up. A day spent in the classroom will allow your child to imagine their own life at the school, and critically, to hear from students of their own age about the benefits of attendance.

Talk to the staff, do you see good role models in them, how are minority and students of color treated? You are looking for full integration; neither you nor your child should feel intimidated by being there. A student uniform policy is the first step in breaking down those barriers.

Finally, visit more than one school! This is a huge investment in your child’s future. A ‘buy-in’ from your child is a necessity; if they are happy you will see the results.

If you are a Florida resident and would like to learn more about Florida scholarship programs or admission to Florida Prep contact us today. Florida Prep also offers a number of in-house academic and private scholarships, available to all our families, in some cases, allowing for a student’s tuition costs to be covered in their entirety.

Be proactive, private school education is within your family's reach!


 *Of some 20 million undergraduate students in the 2015-16 academic year, 31% were in poverty and 47% were "nonwhite" (encompassing black, Hispanic, Asian or Pacific Islander, and multiple races), compared to 21% and 29%, respectively, in 1995-96. PEW Research Center - May 2019