Florida Prep’s Yearbook Journalism: Unveiling the September Falcon Press Edition

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a part of Florida Prep’s yearbook journalism team?

Led by Mr. Cash, this elective is a hit amongst our students, offering a chance to sharpen interview skills, write articles on a tight schedule, polish photography techniques, and dabble in design and print projects.

Falcon Press September

The class is all about embracing deadlines and creating interesting relevant content that becomes a part of the yearbook. On top of that, students also get to showcase their creativity in the monthly newsletter ‘Falcon Press’, which captures the essence of the vibrant Florida Prep community.

In the recent September edition of Falcon Press, the spotlight was on the intrepid, Ms. Kristin Treat, a Science teacher at Florida Prep known for her deep dive into the world of shark studies. The cover story aptly captures her fearless spirit with the words: “Ms. Treat sees a shark and she swims towards it.”

An important disclaimer here: this isn’t a call for our students to mimic such encounters; it’s simply a nod to Ms. Treat’s passion for her research and an opportunity for us to highlight one of our extraordinary educators.

The yearbook journalism class isn’t just about learning journalism - it’s a way to celebrate exceptional individuals within our academy and to create a lasting memory of the best moments throughout the year for all our students and staff to look back on.

Would your child grow in our Yearbook/Journalism team? Contact our admissions department to learn more.