Florida Prep Ranks in Top 8% of US Schools According to Newsweek

Newsweek recently announced its ranking of the Top 5,000 U.S. STEM high schools for 2020, honoring excellence in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics and for the first time in its history, local preparatory academy, Florida Prep, was included on the list.

The top 5,000 schools were curated from STEM.org Education Research™ (SER) and determined which primary/secondary institutions in America best offer students experiences in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) – as defined by the Congressional Research Service.  Additional factors including affluence and median household income were also taken into consideration.

“The ranking highlights the continued efforts of our team in promoting STEM programs at Florida Prep and the daily growth of our students in those areas.” says Florida Prep President, Dr. Marshall D. Willman. 

“As we grow as a school and implement our 5-year expansion plan we will also be introducing many other opportunities to our students and look forward to climbing up the table. Newsweek provided us with a marker in the sand.”

Newsweek Global Editor in Chief, Nancy Cooper said of the Top 5,000 table “These high schools are helping to ensure America’s future in science, technology, engineering and mathematics is in good hands.”

With almost 44,000 high schools across the USA, the Newsweek data places Florida Prep in the Top 8% of STEM schools in the nation.