Florida Prep Parent Association – An integral Part of Campus Life


An integral part of the Florida Prep community is the Florida Prep Parents Association (FPPA). It is the glue that connects students, families and administration within the campus community.

Throughout the year FPPA members organize student and staff appreciation events, field questions from new families, host our boarders, chaperone trips, and provide numerous individual donations to students and staff to make our entire campus life better.

An independent organization with charitable status (501C3), FPPA is also a sounding board for our administration, meeting monthly with school representatives, and individually, to ensure that the student experience on the Florida Prep campus is as good as can be.

Given the unique demographic of our student body, our FPPA local members often carry the burden for parents unable to visit campus because of geographic distance, and for this reason all parents are automatically enrolled in FPPA with membership dues of $180 per student, per year.

It’s a fantastic investment in your child’s time at Florida Prep, and ensures that all students, regardless of the location or availability of their parents, are included in all activities. Fees are paid directly to FPPA and are not co-mingled with those of Florida Preparatory Academy.

To learn more about FPPA, how to pay the fees or to join activities, contact fpa@flprep.com