Florida Prep Experiential Learning Week: An Engaging Journey of Learning

Since its inception in 2018, Florida Prep’s Experiential Learning Week has experienced continued growth; not only in the number of trips and experiences available to students, but also in the overall popularity of the program.

In 2022, several of the available excursions were almost fully subscribed within days, reflecting the appeal and value the Experiential Learning program brings to the Florida Prep curriculum.

Unlike a conventional ‘School Trip’, experiential learning is a dynamic and engaged process, where students learn through hands-on experiences and reflective practices. The activities offered throughout the week encompass a wide range of opportunities, such as hands-on laboratory experiments, internships, field exercises, and overseas travel.

The 2024 program promises a number of exciting journeys for Florida Prep students, including overseas travel to China, Portugal, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico, and out-of-state to the Smoky Mountains, Charleston, and New York.  

Additionally, students will explore various locations within the State of Florida, including Orlando, the beaches and waterways of the Space Coast, and multiple locations across Brevard County.

Juniors and seniors will be afforded the opportunity to undertake internships with high-profile companies in the Melbourne area, aligned with their future career or academic interests. These internships are thoughtfully planned, supervised, and assessed to provide stimulating experiences that promote academic inquiry and personal growth.

Experiential Learning Week is a mandatory and eagerly anticipated week of activity for the entire Florida Prep school community. During this time, on-campus classes are suspended to allow students to immerse themselves in their experiential learning activities fully.

This does not signal a vacation, however. All students participating in a Experiential Week program remain accountable for their academic responsibilities and are required to submit reports and complete homework each day, based on their trip.

To ensure the safety and supervision of all participants, Florida Prep faculty and staff chaperone all activities, with age-appropriate restrictions in place. A small number of trips are also restricted to High School students only.

Trip fees are published well in advance to allow for financial flexibility, and the majority has payment plans available.

While the Experiential Learning Week is a significant aspect of the Florida Prep curriculum, it is only one part of a comprehensive educational program that emphasizes our focus on personal and academic growth, and success.

If you are interested in exploring this unique and enriching school program, we encourage you to reach out to the Florida Prep Admissions Department via email at admissions@flprep.com or by phone at (321) 723-3211 #1. They will be delighted to discuss the program and answer any questions you may have.

The 2024, Experiential Learning Week program is now available to view on the Florida Prep Academics page www.flprep.com/academics.