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Florida Prep announces new ‘Prep to Tech’ flight program at Florida Tech

Florida Prep announces new ‘Prep to Tech’ flight program at Florida Tech

In a collaborative agreement unique to Florida Prep, school President, Dr. Marshall Willman recently announced that effective in August 2020, the school will team with Florida Tech Aviation to open a new pathway from High School directly into the world of Commercial Aviation.

The agreement allows for students in their junior year at Florida Prep to dual-enroll in the Florida Tech college flight program; saving thousands of dollars in tuition fees and providing them a jump-start on pilot flying hours and flight school academics.

“The ‘Prep to Tech’ partnership is not simply an extension of our existing dual-enrollment program”, says Willman “It’s a springboard into the world of commercial aviation at a level of tuition never before offered by Florida Tech and we expect it to be a popular option for motivated students looking to move into the airline industry.

“The program will roll out to selected candidates in August 2020 and already we have students at Florida Prep interested in participating. With the demand for pilots worldwide expected to grow, this is an amazing opportunity to move forward with a lucrative future career.” Dr. Willman concluded.

How Do You Apply For Prep to Tech?

Applicants to the program must be a junior or senior level high school student with transcripts that indicate they could potentially succeed in completing a rigorous first-year university course. Current flight hours are not required; however, if a candidate has achieved ‘solo’ status, this time will be taken into account. The Florida Prep Guidance department and the Florida Tech Aviation will confirm if your child is a suitable applicant and will assist them with the application process.

For students new to Florida Prep, the following standards would generally apply:

  • Cumulative GPA: 3.00 (unweighted) on a  4.00 scale
  • Combined SAT (Critical Reading and Math): 1100 (550 math portion if courses in math, science or engineering are desired)
  • ACT: 24 (25 math sub-score if courses in match science or engineering are desired.

How many Credits Can You Earn?

Students may accumulate 12 semester credit hours at Florida Tech, and in special circumstances may be evaluated for additional credit hours based upon the recommendation of the Academic Support Center director at Florida Tech.

What Are the Benefits?

Students are treated as college attendees, affording them the same support system as full-time students at Florida Tech with access to facilities, flight-instructors and guidance. They are also treated as ‘mature-young-adults’, expected to complete work on time and to be responsible for their own actions.

Generally, this element of college attendance is a steep learning curve for any student, particularly those who may be away from home for the first time, but dual-enrollment allows students to undertake a rigorous college program while still enjoying the support network at Florida Prep afforded to a student of high school age.  Outcomes, in addition to acquiring credits include a new level of confidence and a higher probability of success as a future full-time college student.

What is the cost?

Each credit at Florida Tech is only $100 per credit hour – a rate that is substantially reduced from normal tuition.  In addition, if your student is eligible for a Scholastic Achievement Award from Florida Prep the cost may be further reduced, or even possibly eliminated!

Flight time is charged at the standard hourly rate set by Florida Tech and is in addition to the $100 per credit hour.

A Guaranteed College Offer!

Any high school senior completing six or more credits at Florida Tech with a 3.0 overall GPA is guaranteed:

  • Admission to Florida Tech Aviation College upon completion of the full-time undergraduate admission process and
  • Consideration for a university-based merit scholarship and need-based grant to attend Florida Tech.