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Fall Sports Resume

Following the cancellation of many fall sports programs at college and professional level, it’s probably assumed that High Schools will follow suit. In fact, that is not the case and many schools, including Florida Prep will be offering fall sports this year to their students.

While it is impossible to run the entire program within the traditional FHSAA (Florida High School Athletic Association) format of Districts, Regionals, States, our fall sports will continue to include a competitive element; with meets scheduled against other schools. These will be classified as FHSAA Independent.

Currently the following sports are practicing as FHSAA independent:

Golf | Cross Country | Girls Tennis

Sports expected to compete at FHSAA level, but not yet practicing are:

Boys/Girls Basketball | Boys Tennis | Track

Adjustments may follow based upon participation; however, students are delighted to be back in
training and experiencing a new sense of normality.

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