Experience the Power of Florida Prep's House System

At Florida Prep, we understand that a student’s journey is not just about education; it’s about nurturing a well-rounded individual ready to conquer the challenges of tomorrow. That’s why we take immense pride in our transformative House System, a dynamic structure that not only cultivates healthy competition but instills the values and skills essential for a lifetime of achievement.

Imagine being part of a community that not only supports student growth but also propels an individual toward excellence. Florida Prep’s House System achieves just that by uniting our student body into four distinctive Houses; Koch, Stafford, Grissom, and Scott. Once assigned to a house, a student becomes a part of that family throughout their entire Florida Prep journey.

The heart of the House System beats with the rhythm of spirited competition. The Houses engage in friendly rivalries across academics, athletics, and community service, creating a vibrant tapestry of achievement. Moreover, it’s not just about the collective effort; individual accomplishments, House Games, and special House Cup events all contribute to the satisfaction of accumulating points for your House.

Each House has a dedicated head-of-house; a faculty member, who will also remain with that House throughout their entire time at Florida Prep, and two student leaders chosen to guide and inspire their peers. This structure ensures that all voices are heard, and student ideas matter.

By embracing the House System students commit themselves not only to individual personal growth but also develop a better understanding of their peers and the path to discovery as future global citizens.

Traditions at Florida Prep have also been born out of the House System; one of the most popular being the Friday Dress Down Day. Every Friday, students and staff at Florida Prep have the chance to wear clothing that reflects their participation in community events supported by Florida Prep, or they can opt to wear their House T-shirts."

It’s an impactful sight, as T-shirts supporting Breast Cancer Awareness, MLK Day, Charitable Races, student competitions, and teams, vie for notice among the green, blue, purple, and orange of each individual house.

Through the Florida Prep House System, our students are embracing their own potential – a potential that’s amplified by a supportive community, fierce, but friendly, competition and the unwavering belief they can always do better.

A Florida Prep education, be it as a boarder or a day student is an experience of a lifetime. Not only does it prepare our students for a future, as a representative of their own country, but it also prepares them as members of the global community, as a whole.