Empower Your Understanding of Physics: Florida Prep’s Hands-on Curriculum Brings Physics to Life

At Florida Prep, we adopt a hands-on approach to teaching Physics. To demonstrate the concept of momentum, we often use everyday objects to demonstrate the relationship between mass and velocity, and how they impact the momentum of an object.

Recently, Mr. Ward’s class conducted such an experiment using a cup, ball, and blower. The ball was placed in a cup and a blower was used to blow air over the top.

The velocity of the ball is calculated by measuring the time it takes for it to travel a certain distance and using the formula velocity = distance/time. The experiment provides a straightforward demonstration of how velocity can be calculated and its impact on momentum.

Taking a Physics class has several benefits for high school students. Physics helps students develop critical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities, as they work through complex equations and experiments.

Mr. Ward also brings to the classroom many years of hands-on industry experience, amassed during his tenure at a number of Fortune 500 companies; including L3Harris. This allows him to provide Florida Prep students with realistic concepts regarding the need for such experiments, and the reality of conducting them in real-world scenarios.  

Not only does this encourage students to consider further study in the STEM fields, but also provides a solid understanding of fundamental concepts.

For students seeking to gain further appreciation for the world around us, a physics class also provides insights into the underlying principles that govern the natural world.

For this reason, all students are required to undertake at least one module of Physics in order to satisfy the graduation requirements of Florida Prep.