Developing New Talent: The Success of Florida Prep's Tennis Program

The Florida Prep tennis program has been on the rise in recent years, and while the team has not yet won any major championships, its success in developing new talent leads to the conclusion - It’s only a matter of time!  

Much of the program's current growth is largely due to the quality of coaching provided by Mike Lynch and his team; all former professional players, and the supportive and positive environment that has been fostered within the program.

Our coaches are committed to helping each player reach their full potential, and this is evident in the team's success in developing new talent. Players of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced, are included in the program, and Florida Prep staff work closely with each player to help them improve their technique, strategy, and mental toughness on the court, while simultaneously maintaining academic excellence in the classroom.

Playing opportunities are available to students almost daily throughout the year; utilizing our campus courts and students may improve their skills further through regular competitions against other high schools, and individuals in the region.

The fact that the program has been able to make significant progress in just a few short years is a testament to the coaching staff's dedication and commitment to helping each player reach their full potential. The program is constantly evolving, with new talent being developed and added to the team each year.

The future looks very bright for Florida Prep Tennis!