Delve Beyond the Website... Not all private schools are the same


The decision to attend a private school such as Florida Prep does not come without extensive research, but websites can be deceiving.  Delve deeper, speak to students and staff and you’ll discover that every private school has its own distinct identity, and it is often just a ‘feeling’ that might be the deciding factor regarding your choice of school, or not.

At Florida Prep, the family atmosphere, and open and honesty administration remain at the top of the list as to why families choose our school, and more importantly, why they remain here, for several years, and the two often go hand-in-hand.

Like you, we have expectations of our students that go beyond good grades, and we share those daily. If they break from those expectations, like parents, we make it clear such behavior is not acceptable and a range of penalties may be applied.

We also focus on the whole child during their time at Florida Prep and it is no coincidence that we include “Life Prep” in our mission statement.  Our students are encouraged to become independent and responsible from an early age, to push boundaries, while all the time remaining under the tutorage of experienced staff members, both inside and outside the classroom.  

During your initial tour of our campus you will meet these people and we encourage you to ask questions that relate to your expectations and family values and to expect candid and open responses in return. We also encourage ‘student shadowing’, an opportunity for your child to attend Florida Prep for an entire day, and to hear from existing students what really happens behind our campus gates.

The Florida Prep Admissions Department is available to answer questions and to provide you with a tour, either on campus or virtually, Monday through Saturday.  We are also happy to link you to a current parent or student if you are interested in learning more regarding the culture of our school.

We accept students throughout the year; contact us today for more information.