Cutting Through the Clutter of the College Prep Process

With over 5,300 colleges and universities in the USA alone and many thousands more around the world, the decision on which college to choose has never been more difficult.

From historic Ivy League universities to modern local community colleges, each establishment has its own unique qualities and attributes. Add in the many forms of applications from a Personalized Essay to the ‘Common Application’, the myriad of courses on offer, the many opportunities to obtain scholarship funds and the landscape becomes a cluttered mess, alien to both students and parents alike.

At Florida Prep our job is to help our students cut through that clutter.

Our dedicated in-house team provides students with the information required not only to complete a great college application but also to choose the right course for them and their future careers.

Admissions Officers from colleges across the USA regularly visit Florida Prep, offering students from grades 8 through 12 the opportunity to learn more about their campus, the admissions requirements, and available scholarship opportunities. 

After compiling a shortlist of schools a student will then follow up with a college visit often accompanied by the Florida Prep Director of College Guidance, Mrs. Katina Long.

“I believe I’ve seen the majority of Florida College campuses and numerous others across the USA”, says Long. “Each school is different and there is always something new on offer; it’s my job to be aware of that.  Joining students on college visits is a great way to keep myself updated and to provide support for the students, particularly those from overseas.

“I’ve also been known to bring my entire family along because a great school was located in an area where my family vacationed”, she laughs.

Jonathan Jennings, a student from the Turks & Caicos Islands has seen the benefit of Longs' hands-on approach.

“Mrs. Long accompanied me on several Florida College visits”, he says “It was great to have her around, to point out the things I should be looking for, the questions I should ask”.

The visits obviously made an impact not only on Jonathan but on the college counselors themselves. Jonathan has been accepted to all four of the Florida colleges to which he applied and will make a final choice later in the year.

“At Florida Prep we begin the college prep journey in 8th grade and it continues until each of our seniors receives their diploma at graduation,” says Long.  “In fact, it often continues beyond that time as students frequently reach out to the school or return for advice from our team.

“Our ‘100% college acceptance since 1978’ is not simply an idle boast; it’s something we strive for each and every year.  Our students become part of our extended family, and we like to feel they are as important to us as they are to their own families; that means we all have the same goal --- they go to college!”, Long concluded.