Community Service at Florida Prep

Volunteering in our local community is an important element of the Florida Prep experience, providing our students with a healthy boost to their self-confidence, self-esteem, and life skills.

The community service projects undertaken by Florida Prep students are varied, however, they all offer students the opportunity to learn new skills; including better communication, creativity, problem-solving, empathy and time management. In addition, hands-on projects requiring manual labor allow students to familiarize themselves with basic mechanical equipment, under adult supervision, often for the first time.

On Monday, January 16, rather than stay home, the entire Florida Prep community came together to participate in a Day of Service in commemoration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 

Students wrote letters and packed gifts for the military, performed trash clean-up at two local parks, helped at a local animal shelter, and undertook theatrical performances at two local assisted living homes. In addition, older students honed their construction skills on a gazebo in the Florida Prep Community Garden.

This was a team event, with participation not only by students but also our entire Florida Prep Faculty

Events such as these provide Florida Prep students; both domestic and international, an opportunity to experience the satisfaction of coming together as a community, and the pleasure of giving back to others, a unique proposition, often lost on this important day.