College Visits Inspire Students

There are two things that represent fall in Florida, the return of the Snowbirds (retirees from the Northern States seeking relief from the weather in our sunny climes) and College Visits, the steady stream of college representatives visiting Florida Prep with the sole aim of inspiring our students to visit and subsequently enroll at their school.

Such visits are an integral part of the college attendance decision and at Florida Prep our students begin meeting with college recruiters from 8th grade. Why so early? Because the initial meeting with a recruiter may spur the student to reevaluate the classes they are taking, inspire a new career path or simply crystalize a choice already made.

In any given week up to 10 colleges may visit the Florida Prep campus and contacts made with college recruiters at these events will transition into the college application process and beyond.

At Florida Prep, our students are encouraged to make, at a minimum, 3 college choices, the automatic acceptance school, the reach school, and the dream school and time is allocated throughout the high school years for trips to college campuses. Students are encouraged to see and experience what the brochure or antidotal conversations cannot relay; the atmosphere, the size, the student's overall comfort level --- even the weather can be a factor!

On more than one occasion a student has returned from a visit to their college of choice to report “It was not for me, I never realized it was cold, huge, so competitive”, or a myriad other reasons for a change of mind.

Fortunately, because the college planning process begins early at Florida Prep our students have the opportunity to regroup and to consider other options, saving an expensive and often college ending mistake in their freshman year at a 4-year institution.

If your child’s school does not have a path to college planning, restricts students to a set number of meetings with the school college counselor and follows a cookie-cutter process that focusses on a few select schools then your child is not only being badly served but they may also be missing out on a perfect school that fits their individual needs.

According to  Forbes Magazine a college graduate will earn up to 177 times more than their non-diploma holding peers, but it all begins with the right choice of school.  Doesn’t your child deserve that opportunity?