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College Dual Enrollment Benefits Students and Parents


Dual-enrollment; it’s a term that schools often throw around, but for many families, it’s an enigma, what exactly is dual-enrollment?

If you learned it may save you up to one year’s college tuition; that’s around $40 - $50,000  at a private university and sets your child up for increased success when they enter college, then dual-enrollment becomes a central element to the college planning process.

Florida Prep is able to offer dual enrollment at not one, but two colleges in our area, Florida Tech and Eastern Florida State College.

Florida Tech, one of the top engineering and research universities in the United States, and according to the Princeton Review the ‘Best College in the South East' is located only a 2-minute drive from the Florida Prep campus and has been an active community partner to Florida Prep for over 30 years.

During the past year alone 8, Florida Prep students enrolled at the university and gained college credit they either transferred to their college of choice or used as a stepping stone to join the Florida Tech campus in pursuit of their Bachelor’s degree.

Eastern Florida State College (EFSC) is a public college offering Florida Prep students a dual enrollment program that reaches as far as an Associate’s degree. 

Credits gained at EFSC may then be transferred to a Bachelor’s degree on the campus or may be transferred to any university in the USA. Their ‘preferred partner schools are the University of Central Florida (a U.S. top 100 school) and Florida Tech. Both offer guaranteed admission and enhanced scholarship opportunities to students maintaining specific GPAs, and both accept Domestic and International students currently enrolled at Florida Prep. 

Of course, dual enrollment is not for every student, and the Florida Prep Guidance department will guide your family through the options available, including the elements that may not always be immediately obvious. 

As we have discussed, dual enrollment enhances your child’s university options and represents major savings on tuition for Florida Prep families, however, there are also other benefits to be gained; both physically and mentally. 

It is often the case in the USA that motivated students are allowed to skip a year of High School and proceed to college early, having completed all, or nearly all of their high school requirements.  Sadly, in many cases, although the student is often extremely ‘book smart’ they still lack the emotional maturity to deal with life alone on a college campus, and this was more prevalent this past year when the isolation of students due to COVID-19 proved for many to be a huge mental struggle.

The boarding students dual-enrolled at Florida Prep instead enjoyed the comradery of friends their own age, and remained under continuous 24/7 supervision, while still attending in-person, or online classes, both at their college of choice and at Florida Prep.  

Our parents stated it gave them “Great peace of mind” to know their children were not only continuing to attend school, and college classes but were also enjoying the company of their peers within the safe environment of Florida Prep.

If you would like to learn more about dual enrollment, and the opportunities available to your child, contact us today to arrange an appointment with an admissions representative.