Caribbean Food Brings Taste of Home To Florida Prep

What best says home to you? When asked that question many students at Florida Prep responded ‘home-cooked food and family around the table’ and we are betting the majority of the population would say the same. When your home is Florida Prep what is the next best thing to home-cooked food and a family gathering? Food cooked right here on our campus using a family recipe and a gathering of friends from around the world!

During a recent night on the Florida Prep campus, students from the Caribbean transformed a staff residence into a dining space and serving their favorite home-cooked foods to fellow boarders from around the world in an evening unique to the school.

Ebonie Serving Food

Under the guidance of Residential Associate Dean, Ms. Ebonie Carter, students compiled a list of traditional recipes, shopped for ingredients; in virtual supermarkets walks with their parents and cooked a feast for 30 plus students that not only brought the spirit of the Caribbean onto the Florida Prep campus, but also wowed those students tasting Caribbean food for the very first time.

Speaking at the conclusion of the evening Ms. Carter remarked “The dinner was entirely student-led and everyone participated; from shopping for produce and food prep, to the setting of the tables and clean up.  I am so proud of the way everyone encouraged each other and I’m sure this will not be the last event of this kind.

“The food received many compliments, but none could possibly beat ‘It tastes just like at home’, and that was the high-spot of the evening for me, we were striving to recreate a family gathering and that included the food, I think we succeeded!”