Becoming An Admissions Ambassador

Wearing their red polos and a big smile, Florida Prep Admissions Ambassadors are often the first students a prospective family will meet at Florida Prep, and the relationships built during that period will often continue throughout the student’s time on our campus.

Ambassadors are recommended by current ambassadors, the Admissions Director, and faculty. They must demonstrate a passion for Florida Prep, believe in what the school has to offer, be outgoing, personable, and comfortable communicating with people.

It’s a high bar to clear, and each year only a few of the students initially recommended to start the Admissions Ambassador training module will become an ambassador and wear the red polo.

The training module includes:

·        Shadowing with a mentor during an Open House, a Virtual Open House, and Private Tour.

·        Attending regular meetings with a mentor; working on areas such as behavior, communication, tour tips, and tour strategies.

·        Conducting a one-on-one school tour for the Admissions Director.

·        Submitting an essay on why they meet the requirements of the role.

Ambassadors are also leaders and may often be found at the forefront of fund-raising activities, and student events. They are also the go-to people for advice for students both new and old. 

Given the extensive selection requirements, the training, and the ongoing commitment required for the role, Admissions Ambassadors are highly regarded within the Florida Prep community. Competition is fierce and each year the announcement of our new ambassadors is a source of great pride.

The ambassadors chosen for the 2021/2022 academic year are:

Scott, Rachel, Anna, Drew, and Mackenzie. Congratulations and welcome to Admissions!